Amazon Associates now available in Missouri

Good news, everyone!

Amazon pulled the Associates program for all members residing in Missouri when Missouri passed a bill making each Amazon Associate an affiliated entity with Amazon, thus giving Amazon a physical presence in the state, thus meaning that Amazon had to collect sales tax.

Well now that Amazon is collecting state sales tax everywhere there’s no reason to hold it against us Missourians (or any other state which passed a similar bill) any longer.  And they’re not – the affiliate program is open to Missourians again.  You just have to reapply.


Improve Dungeon Siege’s Graphical Resolution

Game:  Dungeon Siege
Runs on Windows 10:  With No Modifications
Notes:  Does not include Legends of Aranna

This is for the Steam version of Dungeon Siege but is applicable if you know how to add launch options to your particular launcher.

Right click on the Dungeon Siege game name in the Steam library and choose Properties.

From the window which appears, click the Set Launch Options button.

In the screen which appears enter the following text:

width=1920 height=1080 fullscreen=true vsync=false maxfps=60 nointro=true bltonly=true

width=1920 sets the width of the game screen; replace 1920 with your desired width.

height=1080 sets the height of the game screen; replace 1080 with your desired width.

fullscreen=true turns on full screen mode.

vsync=false turns off vertical syncing.  This can help with FPS flutters.

maxfps=60 sets a maximum number of frames per second.

nointro=true turns off the introductory video screens.

bltonly=true turns on BLT mode instead of flip.  (See DirectX documentation for further details.)  Specifically, this handles a situation where nVidia cards flash.

zonematch=true (see screenshot) will, by default, open the multiplayer menu for you to connect.

Although Dungeon Siege was considered highly moddable at the time, it doesn’t appear that any high definition graphics packs were created or survived.

When you start the game you’ll get an error message about the resolution not matching the hardware configuration.  Ignore it.

Once you’re in game you want to hit Escape, then Options.  Turn on All Complex shadows and set Texture Filtering to Trilinear.  Next, crank up the Object Detail as far as it’ll go.

This video represents all of these settings.


TFS: Execute Query and Return a List of Work Items

You’ll need to use NuGet to install the Microsoft.TeamFoundationServer.ExtendedClient library before anything:

Then the following code:

Line 17 sets up the VssConnection which is used for multiple comman.  Line 18 sets up the WorkItemTrackingClient (witClient).  Line 20 retrieves the folder hierarchy; line 21 picks out the folder we specified.  Line 22 sets up the returnValue for the procedure.

After that processing is fairly linear.  We execute the query (and throw an exception if there’s no results).  We pull down batchSize number of work items each time through the loop.  Skip is used to track how many we’ve already snagged and should bypass on the next loop through.

Next up:  pulling changesets based on their relationship to work items.