I have the following collection of role playing games and items available for sale.  Please make an offer.  Delivery will be actual cost of delivery which could be substantial if you purchase multiple books — because they’re books.

Legions of Thyatis, Basic D&D Module
Excellent Condition

Eye of Traldar
Good Condition

Rage of the Rakasta, Basic D&D Module
Excellent Condition

In the Phantom’s Wake,. Basic D&D Module
Excellent Condition

RIFTS Role Playing Game
Excellent Condition

Marvel Super Heroes Judge’s Book
Good Condition

Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home, Dragonlance Campaign Setting
Excellent Condition

Marvel Super Heroes Player’s Book
Good Condition

Marvel Super Heroes Deluxe City Campaign Set
Good Condition

Priest’s Spell Compendium, Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3
Excellent Condition

Wizard’s Spell Compendium, Volume 1 and Volume 2
Excellent Condition

The Art of the Dragonlance Saga
The spine has some wear, but the interior is in excellent condition.

Palladium Role Playing Game
Excellent Condition

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Fair Condition

Succession Wars
Fair Condition

Pathfinder Pawns, Bestiary 2
Pathfinder Pawns, Villain Codex Box
New Condition (Unopened)

Castle Ravenloft, Near Mint Condition
Pathfinder Pawns, Bestiary Box 1, Excellent Condition
Pathfinder Starter Set, Excellent Condition

Pathfinder 3.5 Bestiary, Mint
Pathfinder 3.5 Bestiary 2, Mint
Pathfinder, 3.5:  Horror Adventures, Mint
Pathfinder, 3.5:  Villain Codex, Mint
Pathfinder, 3.5:  Ultimate Magic, Mint
Pathfinder, 3.5:  Ultimate Combat, Mint
Pathfinder, 3.5:  The Inner Sea World Guide, Mint
Pathfinder, 3.5:  Inner Sea Gods, Mint
Pathfinder, 3.5:  Ultimate Intrigue, Mint
Pathfinder, 3.5: GameMastery Guide, Mint
Pathfinder, 3.5:  Ultimate Equipment, Mint
Pathfinder, 3.5: Core Rulebook, Excellent
D&D:  Rules Cyclopedia, Fair to Poor
Pathfinder, 3.5: Advanced Race Guide, Excellent
Pathfinder, 3.5:  Advanced Player’s Guide, Excellent
Pathfinder, 3.5:  Bestiary (Paperback), Mint
Pathfinder, 3.5:  Gods and Magic, Mint
Pathfinder, 3.5:  Monster Summoner’s Handbook, Excellent
Pathfinder, 3.5:  Psychic Anthology, Mint
Pathfinder, 3.5:  Healer’s Handbook, Mint
Pathfinder, 3.5:  Dirty Tactics Toolbox, Mint
Pathfinder, 3.5:  Advanced Class Origins, Mint

If you buy everything I’ll include my Paizo account in the deal.  It has several hundred items in digital format.