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Register All DLLs in a Directory

Registering a bunch of DLLs can be a pain in the ass.  This DOS command will let you register all of the DLLs in a directory.  NOTE:  The /s switch is silent — it doesn’t report success or failure.  It’s great when things work, but a failing registration can set you back a couple of hours if you’re not aware of it.  To register all DLLs and report on the success or failure of fall, remove the “/s” from the command.



The Clown’s Humble Bundle Downloader Release

Well, it’s been a fun ride so far with Python.  I think the Humble Bundle Downloader is actually ready for other people to use so check it out if you’re looking for a bulk downloader.  Let me know of any problems you guys encounter so I can fix them lickety split.

Time to lay off this one for a bit and start up another.

Steve Slane

I just linked to a good guy I know, Steve Slane, in the right margin.  We’ve been working together the past few months and he’s impressed me with his wit, personality, and nearly endless stories of the military.

Turns out he’s writing a book about Somalia and a bunch of the stuff that went down there, and what I’ve seen of his writing is exemplary.

If you’re into contemporary military history, or just want to discover what Black Hawk Down left out, check him out.