Amazon Associates now available in Missouri

Good news, everyone!

Amazon pulled the Associates program for all members residing in Missouri when Missouri passed a bill making each Amazon Associate an affiliated entity with Amazon, thus giving Amazon a physical presence in the state, thus meaning that Amazon had to collect sales tax.

Well now that Amazon is collecting state sales tax everywhere there’s no reason to hold it against us Missourians (or any other state which passed a similar bill) any longer.  And they’re not – the affiliate program is open to Missourians again.  You just have to reapply.


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End of 2016 – Cleanup and Refresher

You may have noticed the site changed for the first time in four years, although the Breneschelli Theme wasn’t that different from what I had prior to it.  Anyway, we’re now running the Blackoot Pro theme; the free version is available from within WordPress.  I torched a few pages (six or so) that were projects of mine that never got off the ground, cleaned up the links so they all work again – or got pruned.

My Google Adsense plugin is giving me grief without an error message so I had to switch to Easy Adsense.  The Google Adsense plugin is better, but Easy Adsense works.  I’ll take working any day.

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